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What your business gets:

  • Peace of mind that you are protecting your company, data and employees
  • Being able to answer “yes” on those “to do” list and those cybersecurity questionnaire from your business partners and insurance
  •  A cybersecurity expert you can call when you have any questions
  • Knowledge that your business is in good hands, and you have a cybersecurity partner that you can trust
  • Everything in plain English. We won't use "Geek-speak" - we'll talk to you in terms that you'd understand without the technical jargon


The technical stuff:

  • Vulnerability scan of your network
  • Security Audit of all your PCs, Servers, Network Switches, Wireless Access Points and Firewalls
  • Your PCs, Servers, Network Switches, Wireless Access Points and Firewalls updated to the latest recommended patch level
  • All your PCs and Servers protected by a Next-Generation Antivirus
  • All default passwords changed on all identified devices
  • Your email configured to reduce spam, phishing, and viruses
  • Two factor authentication for all your cloud services
  • Two factor authentication for all remote accesses
  • Your website protected from common web attacks
  • A formal Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan
  • An Acceptable Use Policy for your users with clear guidelines
  • Encrypted backups with offsite copy
  • Cybersecurity Training for your employees
  • Phishing simulation to train your employees



“Every time I get one of those cybersecurity questionnaires, I call ALCiT and they explain to me - in plain english - what I need to do, if I’m not already doing it”

Mid-sized Manufacturer in the Toronto Area

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  • Average cost for a small to medium business is $3,000 to $7,000*.
  • Some additional tools and services may be required
  • Any unsupported hardware or software will need to be upgraded or decommissioned
  • Some of the proposed security measures may not be compatible with existing systems

About us

Back in 2009 ALCiT’s founders were shocked when they realized the difference between the great tools that were available for large enterprise and the passable ones Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) had to contend with. They came up with a model that allowed them to slice those large enterprise tools into small chunks that could be leveraged by smaller organizations (a concept now well known as Software as a Service).

After several years under that model, it became clear that cybersecurity was becoming a key concern for their customers and they started focusing on providing those enterprise class security tools to SMEs (that are now getting heavily targeted by cyber criminals). It also became clear that providing only the tools was not enough, organizations needed a partner that would be involved in the day to day management of those tools.

Today, ALCiT is recognized as an emerging Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) and although you may not require all the services they provide, working with a partner that focuses on cybersecurity has many benefits (it is a lot easier to relax the rules in a well designed secure environment then it is to try to improve the security in a poorly designed environment assemble by a well meaning generalist).

We would love to learn more about your company and see if we could be a good fit to work together, contact us to setup an appointment or just give us a call.